the_lobster_'s Deadpool Pulp #4 - Pulp: Chapter 4 review

Good Ending To An Okay Story

The first issue of this limited series was really good, I loved it. It had the dark humor, it had great artwork, and great story. It was just really really good. Issue two bummed the crap out of me, it felt like filler the entire time and nothing really important happened. The third issue was the same as issue two but it made up for it all with that brilliant twist at the end. So the forth issue for me was a total toss up, either it would be good or be bad. 
It was good.
It was really really good. 
The story has finally come to a close, and it closes in the most bad ass way possible. The voices actually became useful in this series and played a vital role in saving Deadpool's life....I can't believe I'm saying this, but....YAY VOICES!!! I absolutely hate the voices, I hate hate hate the voices, but they actually work in this series. Thank you Mike Benson and Adam Glass for making something so delicious out of something so crappy. 
I can't find a single thing wrong with this issue, it was just awesome. I was expecting something decent but Mike Benson and Adam Glass kicked me in the ass and said "screw you for having low expectations, we're going to knock your socks off." Boy did they ever succeed. Congratulations Mike and Adam. 
The artwork is really good, it's dark and gloomy and reflects the time this book is set in very well. I'd like to see Laurence Campbell draw an issue of Hellboy or Lobster Johnson. That's what the artwork looks like. 
This issue is just awesome in every way. Every death is awesome, every fight is awesome, and that ending is probably one of the best ending I've ever seen in a Deadpool book thus far. It sets up a sequel and damn-it I hope we get one. Please make this issue do well, we need a sequel to this series....we NEED a Deadpool Pulp Volume 2!!!!
5 out of 5.

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Posted by Eyz

The story ends in #4 you say? Alright. I'll be sure to check it out sometime~
And the voices are actually good for once?`Woah! How can it be?! I'm intrigued!

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