abnormally_warm_guy's Deadpool Pulp #4 - Pulp: Chapter 4 review

An entire series that doesn't disappoint.

As someone who loves Deadpool and classic noir style fiction I really enjoyed this book. 
It contained a complex narrative that kept unraveling in impossible to predict ways. This final chapter really tied it all tgoether and I hope to see more if they make a sequel. 
The writing is great. 
The art is interesting and unique to look at. 
And the Covers are beautiful. All around great Deadpool spin off book (one, unlike the others, you shouldn't miss).

Posted by superherolegacy

It almost sounds like a Wolverine story plot.

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    The first issue of this limited series was really good, I loved it. It had the dark humor, it had great artwork, and great story. It was just really really good. Issue two bummed the crap out of me, it felt like filler the entire time and nothing really important happened. The third issue was the same as issue two but it made up for it all with that brilliant twist at the end. So the forth issue for me was a total toss up, either it would be good or be bad.   It was good.  It was really really g...

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