undead_hero's Deadpool Pulp #2 - Pulp: Chapter 2 review

Deadpool Pulp Refreshing and Satisfying.

From the start of this mini-series I was taken away. Not only is the mid 1950's era a new take on Deadpool, but the new attitude is just great. Its nice to see a Deadpool where making puns and poor jokes does not become the main attraction. While it may not be the most action packed Deadpool we have seen, it is still great. If one were expecting this to be the joke cracking, loud mouthed, extreme violent Deadpool, one should have read Deadpool Max instead. Not to say this issue does not have action, there is one fight in particular that will satisfy any one. With the perfect blend of 50's style and fantastic artwork, this is definitely a pick up and worth the 3.99.

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