the_lobster_'s Deadpool Pulp #2 - Pulp: Chapter 2 review

What Happened?

Okay...seriously....what happened? 
The first issue had a great premise, some dark humor, and great artwork. Well the artwork is still great but what happened to the rest of the stuff? Where's the dark humor? This issue wasn't funny, they didn't even try to throw any jokes in here. Deadpool only works because of his humor, take that away and the character becomes boring and dull.  The first issue has some good dark humor...this has got....uh...well...nothing.
The artwork is still top notch and very dark, Laurence Campbell has a knack for creating moody and dark scenery and even though I didn't laugh I still thought the issue was nice to look at. But I'm a more "substance over style" kind of guy, I'll read something with the most terrible artwork, but if it's got a good story then I'll give it a good rating. 
Now like the first issue this issue has it's moments....but none of them top the "Game of Russian Roulette" or the "Finger Gag", instead we get a dinner date between Deadpool and Outlaw which leads into a shoot out, which leads into a chase scene. The chase scene wasn't bad but the moment between Deadpool and Outlaw were kind of sappy and cheesy. 
Also this issue ended in a way that felt like more build up. It's almost like this issue and the last issue was only build up to the actual story. Only the last issue did it better. 
I don't know, I'm still going to pick up the third issue and 4th issue. I've already started the story, might as well finish it but I hope it gets better. I hope the next issue forwards the story more, and has more dark humor like the first issue. 
3 out of 5.

Posted by Undead_Hero

I disagree, I don't think this comic is supposed to be the complete wise cracking Deadpool we know. It is refreshing to have a different type of Deadpool, changes things around. Just because it has a the name Deadpool, doesn't necessarily mean it has to have dark humor or comedy.

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