super_man_23's Deadpool Pulp #1 - Pulp: Chapter 1 review

Deadpool Pulp #1: NOIR style

Code Name Deadpool! 
Here is the belated review for Deadpool Pulp issue 1. Written by Adam Glass and Mark Benson (Deadpool: Suicide Kings, Luke Cage Noir), artwork by Laurence Campbell (Punisher). The "Merc With A Mouth" is in a pulp filled caper with lies, spies and nicely cut oranges all courtesy of the creators who (well created) Deadpool Suicide King. Wade Wilson codename, Deadpool is the C.I.A. most crazed and deadly agent. With his multiple personality disorder, and haunted by ghost of his past, Deadpool is the right man, for the right job! In other (crazy) thoughts, DP is the perfect soldier for the cold war where it's highly impossible to tell friend from foe. With lies, spandex and a agent gone rouge, Deadpool will begin his story sticking a knife throughout the readers (literally). Okay not literally.
 Deadpool Noir Suit

The Good

Deadpool gone Noir? Oh yeah. While it's not called "Deadpool Noir" it's got that 1930's kind of feel to it. Obviously it's taken around 1950's due to the newspaper stating 1953. So it's "Noir" material all right. Deadpool's first "noir" related story takes off with a bang! Not relating to any "current" Deadpool stories, Wade Wilson (better known as Deadpool), has an all new origin story. I was personally glad that Adam Glass and Mark Benson were working together on Deadpool Pulp, there team-up on Suicide Kings was totally astonishing. As Adam and Mark create an all original story, about the merc with a mouth. 

The Bad

The colors with the artwork seemed a little to dark. Heavy strokes were used while drawing the interior artwork for Pulp #1, I'm guessing that this was needed to capture a more "noir" feeling. Since Noir is mostly dark and mysterious. 

The Verdict

Deadpool is insane, and his life in "Noir" related universe will never be the same. As Deadpool will have to capture a friend that most "comic" readers know of. Outlaw, is being "outlawed" by the Merc With A mouth, and tension is growing between the two characters. Overall this is a 4 out of 5.  
Posted by Illyana Rasputin

I'm going to have to give this a read, now.

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