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Deapool and Spider-Man are a Hillarious Duo

The Plot

Deadpool is on his latest personal quest. This time, he's trying to become a true hero. He's arrived in NYC to try to find Spider-Man so he can get some hero tips since he's "new to the business". So as you expect... people die. People die and Spider-Man just knows it Deadpool that did it. So, of course, Deadpool has to talk out of his ass. But this time the killer really isn't him. "His name is Hit-Monkey. He's a hitman... that's a monkey." Now the two have to team up to evade Hit-Monkey and make him leave the city.

The Good

Now, you know this is the perfect scenario for a Deadpool comic. I won't spoil it all but it's absolutely hilarious. There are plenty of lame monkey jokes and the dialogue is consistently hillarious. Deadpool weirds out Spider-Man with his unbelievable antics which is as funny as it should be. Spidey wants to get rid of him and considers him scum where as Deapool wants to be his partner. Wade also gives the city quite a scare that I won't tell you, but its crazy.

It's exactly what you love about Deadpool. Hit-Monkey is actually a serious badass and they even have an origin story for him in the book that's really intense.

There is also a western Deadpool thing going on at the end after he leaves New York that is really cool and you'll enjoy it almost as much as the main one. In it Deadpool actually saves people on the bus in his own sorta way and as usual, he gets no credit or praise whatsoever. He does get a ticket out of prison though...but not for saving the people.

The Bad

I looked over this Comic but couldn't find too much that I really disliked. However, if I wanted to be super critical; the the story was a little weak (but that's not what makes a Deadpool comic anyway) and some characters had reactions that were not so believable. It kinda makes you a little confused that a monkey that can use guns is capable of shooting Spider-Man so that he can't move (or even taking him down if he wanted to). In the beginning of Part 3 the duo are in the Baxter Building but you really don't know how they made it out of the previous battle or how they were able to get there so wounded.

Overall Point Summary

This is a really classic Deadpool Comic. Funny, Witty, Original, Crazy, and almost perfect. This book really captures the Deadpool we love. Other parts are not quite so accurate but it really does not even come close to overshadowing the good here. So do yourself a favor and pick it up sometime. You'll love it if you love Deadpool or anything really fun. Here's my seal of approval:

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