abnormally_warm_guy's Deadpool: Merc With a Mouth #13 - 13 review

The End

I will say I will miss MWAM but mainly because of it's covers. I've said it before and I'll say it again. They're always brilliant.
The thing that annoys me about this whole mess is obviously Deadpool Corps was supposed to be just the next chapter of this book. Why start it early? The timeline is all messed up now. Also speaking of timelines, The ending of this book should mean we never see Headpool again. He should be stuck in a time paradox. Gischler didn't think of that when writing his silly joke at the end. Writing for jokes specifically is a cop out and it leads to plot holes or character fails. I'm disappointed in you Gischler.
Oh and this book loses points for the pencils randonly changing for a chapter. I hate it when that happens especially when it's for no reason. MWAM #7 had a fun plot point about it. Not here. It's just laziness and rushing.


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    Could have been better. 0

    I always favored this series more, and it's sad that it's ending. However it's sucks that it ended so quickly because that's the one flaw with this book.....it seemed to rushed.   It's almost like the editors at Marvel told Victor to just end it, and only gave him three issue to do it. Although I have to admit, even though it felt rushed there were still enough great moments to make this book worth the price. One moment that involved Zombie Deadpool at the end that was so bittersweet and ironic ...

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