abnormally_warm_guy's Deadpool: Merc With a Mouth #11 - The Way of the Mercenary review

The formula for success?

Something I've begun to notice is that Victor Gischler writes in a very similar fashion over and over again. This whole story feels like the same issue just with different jokes in different places. The story doesn't really progress. It is just Deadpool and friends run into bad guys. It looks hopeless, they fight. Then Deadpool winds up winning by a landslip all of a sudden. Deadpool hits on a female. She rejects him. They go off. Next issue they run into another zombie and the same thing happens.
This is not terrible. Sometimes formulas can be good. But I've noticed Deadpool Corps. has this issue too (hopefully 3 will break away from the exact same structure 1 and 2 had). But I will say that Gischler had me laughing, or at least chuckling at several parts so he does get points there.
The art in this book has grown on me a little. Bong Dazo really didn't do it for me at first. But his form has been tightened recently and I really like it.
But the best part of this book is the covers. OH MY GOD! Look at this one. IT'S BRILLIANT! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! If for nothing else, I will miss MWAM because of the consistently fantastic covers. It's not to say the book is bad on the inside. I usually enjoy it, but these covers are a gift  to any film geek (like myself)'s eye. In fact this issue gets a whole star higher for this amazing cover.


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