the_lobster_'s Deadpool: Merc With a Mouth #10 review

I really don't want this to end...

From the start I've enjoyed Deadpool MWAM more than Daniel Way's Deadpool series...why? Well for one Victor Gischler writes Deadpool more like he's supposed to, cracking jokes and talking all the time, while Daniel Way only has Deadpool talk when he should and he barely has him crack any jokes (He let's the voices do that). Also Daniel Way only writes for the moment and what that means is if he wants to do a funny joke (Like trying to shoot with their feet) that Deadpool would never do because he has common sense....he'll have him do it anyway without even worrying about staying true to the character, while Gischler has been consistent and not make Deadpool look like a cussing moron. 
But I could go on for hours about why I hate Way's series and love this series, so let's just stick to reviewing this one book. 
Well what can I say other then, it was good. It has it's moments like when Deadpool kills Absorbing Man in a very clever way that is classic Deadpool. Also the bit with the Good year blimp was also pretty good too, while I didn't laugh out loud I certainly did smile. Victor knows what makes the character funny and he stays true to that by showing his humor which is very Joe Kelly and Gail Simoneish. 
While the artwork in this series started off pretty mediocre, it has gotten better and better with each issue. Bong Dazo has improved to the point where his artwork doesn't make me want to throw up. His artwork has grown on me and I've learned to accept it as something very reminiscent with the old Ed McGuinness artwork from the old Joe Kelly era. 
Overall it's a pretty darn good book, it has this charm that always seems to remind me of the old Joe Kelly era, and that is always a good thing. Sure some could complain that the story is moving along at a snails speed but I actually like it more that way.....why?..... well it makes it seem more like I'm actually on one big adventure with Deadpool, that I'm constantly side by side with him, rather then just hanging out with him for one arc and than having this gap in time where I have no idea what he's been up to or what he's doing between two arc.
It's a solid 4.5 out of 5. With all the crappy Deadpool stories and Deadpool overload we've been getting it's nice to have one series that is constantly entertaining and a real joy to read.

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