mechanisticmoth's Deadpool: Merc With a Mouth #1 - Head Trip, Part 1 review

Worthless and Demeaning

 Deadpool’s been a fairly popular character as of late despite the ridiculously stupid version as seen in Wolverine: Origins.  I’ve been interested in the character and it seemed like his other series was a good place to start, but since this was the first issue I figured I’d be alright.  First off, this issue is confusing.  Second, it doesn’t explain itself.  Third, Deadpool’s supposed to be funny, but this one’s completely stupid.

This issue is incredibly misogynistic mess, with a female character who’s supposed to be a respectable scientist but is obviously a dumb woman who only has sex appeal with her gigantic breasts and tight ass thrown in to give readers a boner.  Her portrayal is nothing short of demeaning and sickens me.  The plot’s not interesting… neither is the twist… neither is Deadpool.  The writing is awful, highlighted by a caveman saying “booga ooga ooga” with a translation at the bottom.  The art was exploitative (especially of the overdone, sexified woman who needs to be saved by the big, strong, mutated man), and just not interesting.  I found myself skipping pages upon pages of this worthless crap.

There’s no redeeming quality in this book aside from the coloring which even then doesn’t brighten up the story.  I will never read another story by this author again, and I can’t believe people see the appeal in something that demeans and exploits while remaining bland and uninteresting.

Marvel, you failed.

Posted by Getmad24_7

Maybe skipping page upon page contributed to it being confusing.

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