reaper2923's Deadpool: Merc With a Mouth #1 - Head Trip, Part 1 review

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I am a huge fan of DP, so it was natural for me to pick this comic up. What is good about it is well since it doesn't seem to be around the events of Dark Reign it is a nice change and has the potential to be a great series. But to me it seemed to lack a bit of DP's humor, I really was expecting something more for a first issue. But I will be checking out the next issue for sure, so it gets four stars it isn't an amazing story but is still good.


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     Deadpool’s been a fairly popular character as of late despite the ridiculously stupid version as seen in Wolverine: Origins.  I’ve been interested in the character and it seemed like his other series was a good place to start, but since this was the first issue I figured I’d be alright.  First off, this issue is confusing.  Second, it doesn’t explain itself.  Third, Deadpool’s supposed to be funny, but this one’s completely stupid. This issue is incredibly misogynistic mess, with a female chara...

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