adamwarlock's Deadpool Max #11 - A Hard Knock Life review

Cute but ultimately pointless

For the first six issues, this title was phenomenal.  Then around issue 9... the title became very hit and miss.  Issue 10 in the middle was fine, but 9 and 11 both are really unnecessary in the big picture and aren't that entertaining to boot.  This issue has a big leg up over issue 9 due to Kyle Baker's art, but still, with how strong this title started off and with how nicely each one-off issue somehow connected to a greater whole, this issue stands alone in a perplexing way.  All the more so for it being the penultimate issue before the end of volume 1.  We know now that there is a Deadpool Max volume 2 coming soon, so next issue isn't "THE END", but even so, loyal readers would expect some buildup leading into the final issue, and this head scratcher gives us very little.
There's some amusing stuff in this issue and a few fan-service cameos for longtime Deadpool fans (of Joe Kelly's run mainly), but all in all, you could just skip over this issue and not be missing anything that will effect the status quo of this book.  It's needlessly over-the-top in ways that don't produce the clearly intended laughs, and some of the gags feel like reruns from the first few issues.  If not for Kyle Baker's vibrant art, there would be practically no vitality here.

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