ganthetsward20's Deadpool Killustrated #3 - Stave 3: The Second of the Three Spirits review

We Go Together You And I

What We Can Love About It:
I love how this book draws connection between heroes and villains to the fictional literary characters That to me is super cool. I also have fallen in love (just a smidge) with Holmes and his team. I think its cause I think of the BBC Sherlock and I know that he could stop Deadpool. The Jungle book scene really got to me and I was rooting for the good guys. But its not their book is it? So Deadpool gets on with his task and has a new buddy to slay and murder and highfive through his journey here.

What We Can Hate On About It:
Man all those animals dying bugged me but thats more of a personal taste sorta thing. If you feel the same way then it might upset you as well. Even though Wade's brain is a bit divided and acting for two people in this issue I do feel that he is far to clever in some situations like the one with 3000 League under the sea and such.

With Their Powers Combined:
I don't know how long this series is going but its enjoyable popcorn reading. Maybe don't take into work or class since is so full of murder and gore in some varying degrees. Its just a lot of action and I can't tell what repercussions this book will have on the Marvel continuity. Its cool but honestly I'm thinking of dropping it because its not as dramatic or witty as I hoped it would be.


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