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Tilting At Dead Pools


Deadpool vs. Don Quixote. Deadpool vs. Sancho. Deadpool vs. Moby Dick. Deadpool vs. the sailors of the Pequod.

"Call me...Ishmael." "But that...that's my name." Jaws reference. Sherlock Holmes. Killer Deadpool-bots.

Art and writing and whatnot.

Interesting things could be happening to Deadpool. Either way, I'm thinking that Cullen Bunn has written a nice way out of this story, and possibly even DEADPOOL KILLS THE MARVEL UNIVERSE, as this is a direct continuation of that.


I never read about Deadpool killing the Marvel Universe, but I feel like I have. A lot of this issue is focused on what happened in that mini-series, so that a comparatively small amount of time is spent in the there-and-then.


Cool new Deadpool mini-series. Go buy it. Need convincing? Jaws, Sherlock Holmes, Don Quixote, and other things we love. Buy it.


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