chriskosty's Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #4 - Part IV: Punisher Punished! review

Kindof a cop-out

Becoming familiar with Deadpool after reading many back issues wasn't an easy thing to do prior to reading this series, but I toughed it out and I completed my readings. When I was finished reading DPKTMU I was thoroughly underwhelmed. For a story that should have been more climactic and meant something, it seemed more like something to fill the gap between actual issues of Deadpool. Lately Deadpool has been going through many changes, both in his personal character development and the change in writing staff. This series unfortunately didn't add to the pile of changes that are occurring. I felt the ending was a little bit of a cop-out, and something that could have been more climactic was weak at best. The issues leading up to the end were well written and the art was very graphic and a nice addition aesthetically to the characters ever expanding mythos, but for some reason I cant get the ending out of my head. It was a very poor way to end the short series.

Spoiler. He kills the writers of the comic by traveling through a dimensional portal bringing him into the real world. It was a very BS way to end it, almost making the entire run null. If they wanted to go the route of dimensional portals, they should have dropped DP into the Marvel Zombies world (again) or even better, bring him into our world but in the past, so he could kill Stan Lee. Thus ACTUALLY killing the Marvel Universe.

Overall this issue was very disappointing, but it is a necessity for someone wanting to complete the limited run. Read it if you've already read the other 3.


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