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Needed One More Issue


One more issue would have probably made this series a 5 star instead of a 4 star and I'll explain why later. First let me explain that this is not a review of issue 4 in this series, but the series as a whole. So this is me reviewing issues 1 to 4 in one review. It's simpler that way. 
Spider-man, No More
Okay let's get started. First of all, I was really excited for this series. We were promised a darker version of Deadpool more akin to the earliest stuff from Joe Kelly's run and not the idiotic crazy and oh so funny(sarcasm) Deadpool we find in Daniel Way's run. That right there is enough reason for me to purchase this book, Deadpool is a much more interesting character when he's depressing and dark and taken seriously. The thing is.....I was expecting dark like Joe Kelly dark where Deadpool is cracking funny jokes and pop culture references while doing really disturbing things. While we get something like that, Cullen Bunn's sense of humor is very different from Joe Kelly's. It's not bad, it's very interesting, it's just different and I was actually surprised that I ended up liking it. 
I loved how the 4th wall breaking was made into an actual plot point and not just used for jokes and it makes sense. Deadpool's motive reminds me of Owlman in that Justice League Crisis on Two Earths movie. When you find out your existence is all a sham, and that you're nothing more than a puppet for a writer and all his or her readers. The only thing that has any purpose is to cut the strings permanently and then turn on the puppeteer in anyway possible. Think about it, free-will is a load of bull, everybody in the world does only what someone else tells them to do whether it means they suffer or not. You've been given the ability to see the strings, would you not end their pain by "setting them free." It's a bizarre motive, but it works down to a tee for Deadpool.
Stamp of Approval

The main complaint people have is that a lot of the heavy hitter are just kinda glossed over and while we do see how Deadpool manages to kill a few of the Marvel universe's powerhouses. I do agree that it's not enough. We do see how he kills Thor and the Hulk but the other powerhouses are just kinda glossed over. Doctor Doom, Doctor Strange, Magneto, Ghost Rider, these characters are considered to be some of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe and all we see is their dead bodies... no explanation how he did it. That's why I felt this series needed one more issue, an issue of Deadpool killing off at least two of the people I just named. 
While we don't see many of the big guy's deaths, that doesn't mean the ones we do see aren't cool. So here's my list of my top 5 favorite death scenes in this series and why..... Spoilers for anyone who hasn't read it....

Now the art, I like Dalibor Talajic's artwork, I liked it in the first issue of Deadpool Team-Up and the Hit-Monkey series. But something in this series looks different. I can't decide if it's a good different or a bad one. For one, I like the layout of panels and the bizarre over exaggerated poses and bodies. It works for his style. On the other hand, I'm not really a fan of Deadpool's new costume, the red underpants over the black pants..... neh .....although I do like how Deadpool's costume doesn't get repaired over the course of each issue. It just keeps getting more and more mangled and torn. Nice touch. I'll just say that while it's not his best work, it's not terrible.

Love this cover
The ending also seems rushed, which again one more issue could have easily solved. While the way Deadpool kills off the remaining heroes after the x-men is clever, it's almost a deux ex machina. Just a way to clear the board so they can make way for the big finale. But at least it uses a character that actually exists in the Marvel Universe beforehand and not invent one like a real deux ex machina would have. 
Overall, it's not a great series, it has it's flaws but most of them are small little nitpicks. The only big one is that one more issue of Deadpool killing off two more heavy hitters would have solved the problem of most of the tough opponents being glossed over. Although the death's we do have are really creepy or really cool. I'm just glad Cullen Bunn actually took the task of writing Deadpool seriously, which already puts him a few steps farther than most of the other writers we have today. 
Worth picking up and reading, buy only if you're a Deadpool fan.
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