johnkmccubbin91's Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #4 - Part IV: Punisher Punished! review

The End is Here

This was a decent end to a disappointing series. I still think it would have been better with a writer better known with the character and a better artist as all the covers have been amazing but the interior is by far not the best art I have ever seen.

We see Deadpool continue his rampage which causes superheroes and villains to decide to commit mass suicide. This part I didn't like as you have people like Nick Fury, Bullseye and Kingpin all characters who would rather die trying to fight Deadpool than commit suicide. Anyway Punisher noticing Deadpool across the way tries to take him out but when he gets there realises it's one of Puppet Master's toys. The real Deadpool come up from behind and kills Punisher after mocking his War Journal. Deadpool is then finally confronted by Taskmaster who gives him a very good fight which has probably been one of the best things in this series. SPOILER AHEAD. We then see the series end with Deadpool standing outside a Marvel conference room as Cullen and the rest of the creative team on the series says how it will end, which I though was a nice way to end it.

Final verdict. If you are a Deadpool fan you will need this series even if you don't like it as it will be worth something in years to come. I would advice this series but then again I would advice more on keeping you're money and trying to get a copy of Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe which is a much better story.

Rating: 3.5/5

Series Rating: 3/5

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