serberus08's Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #4 - Part IV: Punisher Punished! review

This series is finally dead

Man, out of the entire stack of about 10 comics this week this was the one I had to get out of the way first. I wasn't expecting much from this issue, and it didn't disappoint (ironic implication). I have to admit DP v Punisher was a win/win for me, either way somebody was getting killed. Deadpool just verbally assaults Punisher's livelihood and relevance in the universe (pretty much reflecting the other universes) and say's "Dear diary, Err, Dear War Journal" which got a few good laughs toward. The Taskmaster face of really made no sense in the end because there wasn't a justifiable reason why DP wasn't also eviscerated.

I was disappointing that this God awful mini-series didn't have any Space Punisher in it. It did, however, have the Silver Surfer in a panel floating in space, who probably died trying to figure out why Deadpool is still, somehow, a fan favorite.

My favorite part was the add at the end of the book. Spoiler Alert!!!!!!!!1 Save your 3 bucks


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    This was a decent end to a disappointing series. I still think it would have been better with a writer better known with the character and a better artist as all the covers have been amazing but the interior is by far not the best art I have ever seen.We see Deadpool continue his rampage which causes superheroes and villains to decide to commit mass suicide. This part I didn't like as you have people like Nick Fury, Bullseye and Kingpin all characters who would rather die trying to fight Deadpoo...

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    Becoming familiar with Deadpool after reading many back issues wasn't an easy thing to do prior to reading this series, but I toughed it out and I completed my readings. When I was finished reading DPKTMU I was thoroughly underwhelmed. For a story that should have been more climactic and meant something, it seemed more like something to fill the gap between actual issues of Deadpool. Lately Deadpool has been going through many changes, both in his personal character development and the change in...

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