cavemold's Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #2 - Part II: Avengers: Assassinated review

Slice and dice

The good: this is just plain o'l fun dipped in blood. The voices in his head are going wild in this issue just like his thirst for blood. The way he's killing some of these hero is quite funny and his banter brings you some fashion Deadpool.. The cover is amazing as well. The Bad : We learn that he aslo has killed Black Panther and Iron Fist but never see how he killed them. I don't thinking putting them into the pot made any difference . The art could be better as well. The Verdict: if you want see deadpool hack and slash through Marvel , finish the arch! Hopefully issue 3 is where we get to the climax of the arch.


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    I'm not sure what too think on this series so far. It has been a little disappointing so far but this issue wasn't any worse than last so rated the same. I think Bunn has been a hot and cold writer so far as has he's tried his hand at most characters some are just not for him.This comic is basically the same as the last, Deadpool's other voice tells him too kill people and he does (without questioning). I did like how he took out most of the Avengers quick with a couple left. I also liked how he...

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