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Okie Dokie

I'm am pretty confused as to why i'm still reading this mini-series. I thinks it's because I have a weakness for seeing things through that I start.

Let me start by saying that Doom in, no way, should even be considered as a possible implication at losing in a bout to Deadpool (One panel in this is enough to turn avid comic fans off this series). Again unless this is UMVC3 there should be no possibility of Doom falling to a Schizophrenic Mercenary (also see Doomwar for a true Doom v Deadpool).

Luke Cage says that Black Panther, Iron Fist, and Tigra (although who cares about her, really?) which is the only conceivable way that DP could beat Black Panther, in text bubble alone.

One thing I said about the last issue was that I wanted to see how he beats the likes of Hulk and Wolverine (at this point I regret viewing the outcome. There is no way that the predecessor of his healing factor can't grow back his 70's Mutton chops yet DP comes back from having is head detached from his body (without a Adimantium frame) And with hulk this God forsaken dimension had the primitive hulk that has no cognitive function other then smashing and sleeping.

This series' only redeeming quality is that this is a dimension that has no significance what so ever with the shared marvel timelines. I'm expecting Space Punisher to come out of nowhere with firecrackers coming out of his ass to assist in Deadpool's unrealistic genocide. Add on a +1 rating in the last two pages for giving something of an anticipation/reason to continue this read, although the way there going, it wouldn't surprise me if they had the Silver Surfer show up and have DP kill him with a horrid/esoteric joke with God awful timing.

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