ishmaelbbc's Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #2 - Part II: Avengers: Assassinated review

The Merc Without a Point

Last week I was a bit confused by this comic, this week I'm just disgusted. It's cynical, nihilistic crap. Its entertainment value is supposed to come out of seeing "our superheroes" getting killed, even if their deaths are totally out of character and not cool at all. The heroes behave like scared kids without a plan. We have seen them survive any kind of ordeal but they don't stand a chance against Deadpool for no reason. Well, one reason – the title of this comic says so.

There is no fun, just stupid violence. This could have been done with a certain glee but it's just annoying. The art doesn't really help, either, it's looks cheap and the characters are mostly recognizable through their costumes. Really, what's the point?

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Posted by JohnnyWalker

i couldnt agree more. it could have been fun, creative. but its not. just gruesome and pointless. and the way he kills them is pathetic from a creative point of view, and they are ignoring most of the heroes powers (no spider-sense (yes pete cant dodge a bullet), wolverine doesnt regen after a bomb, thor cant lift a bloated up mjolnir and crushes him and the list goes on). PATHETIC. i wouldnt use this to wipe filth of my shoes.

Posted by lulgo1

i couldnt agree more².

Posted by Tony_Shark

I agree. I bought Issue #2 to give it another chance, but it's totally garbage.

Deadpool killing Spider-Man with a gun? Killing Iron Man, and Ms. Marvel with bombs?! Thor?! Hulk?!?!

It's just going generate fanboys that'll think Deadpool can beat anyone now -___-

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