chriskosty's Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #1 - Part I review

Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe

Unlike most Deadpool comics that I have read, which in all honesty isnt many, this comics grotesque nature and overall tone is appealing for anyone who enjoys a good ol' fashion gore fest. My familiarity with the character only stems as far as the current run of comics that he has going, so my ideas on the mythos of the character does run pretty thin. But with that being said, I feel that this is closer to his roots than any other comic starring the Merc. The viciousness of the character really comes out and his ability to literally kill all of these heroes, villains, anti-heroes, and anti-villains is something that im sure many people have been wishing for for years. Although his ability to actually kill these characters is close to impossible, in these circumstances its believable. Deadpools humor and creativity with his words really shows in the dialogue, although some of it is weak occasionally. For a series that isnt running for very long, and basically takes all the continuity and throws it out the window, it is a strong comic and I feel that any fan of the character will really enjoy the ride.


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    Creepy Stuff 0

    I picked this issue up digitally after reading a review about it. In the review that I read it said that Deadpool read like a completely different character, and that this new take on Deadpool was extremely dark. I wanted to see how dark it was.In truth this book here is pretty grim in its tale. Any fan of Deadpool knows that he's known for breaking the fourth wall, and often has a back and forth with the caption boxes. It's that character that so many have come to know and love, but this story ...

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    I was really looking forward too this mini series as I love Deadpool and think he's underrated I also loved Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe. This fells like a typical Deadpool sitting on the fence you see some of each side of Deadpool but not really much of either (in this issue)I liked how you still had the split personality in his head and how he was still a kidder even if its not as much as we see other times. I'm not too sure what I think of the new third personality that replaces the oth...

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