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Great Marvel Comic? (NO SPOILERS) 0

I've tried to read books like Punisher vs. Marvel Universe and all of those kind of alternate reality Marvel books, but none have really caught my attention. For some reason I was interested in this book. It was by no means that Deadpool was starring in it though. In fact, in recent years, I've come not to like Deadpool; I don't feel like his character has been done justice. Yes, even in Uncanny X-force.This issue made me forget about all that. Even though the art wasn't top notch, it fit the to...

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Death to Marvel 0

The Good - Cullen bunn really wrote a awesome first issue , why can't deadpool be written like this all the time? Deadpool had jokes still but it was much more funnier jokes than in his on-going jokes.You get to see him at his max power as he slashes his way through this issue.. If your looking for a Marvel book far from events , this a series you need to get. I think deadpool should always be written this way. Anyone questioning bunn talent should give this a read. The bad : the art isnt...

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Only in another dimension 0

Seriously only in another dimension could Deadpool beat most if any of the marvel greats. In a dimension that has absolutely no relation to the shared or ultimate universes of marvel. The premise of the comic is that Deadpool gets psychologically altered into needing to kill the coveted 'Marvels'. Without spoiling it it is pretty funny but not the "lolz" associated with Deadpool, because in this he is in a coveted villain. I am anxious to see how he takes on Wolverine (who should never, on any s...

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Creepy Stuff 0

I picked this issue up digitally after reading a review about it. In the review that I read it said that Deadpool read like a completely different character, and that this new take on Deadpool was extremely dark. I wanted to see how dark it was.In truth this book here is pretty grim in its tale. Any fan of Deadpool knows that he's known for breaking the fourth wall, and often has a back and forth with the caption boxes. It's that character that so many have come to know and love, but this story ...

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Not What I Thought It Would Be 0

I was really looking forward too this mini series as I love Deadpool and think he's underrated I also loved Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe. This fells like a typical Deadpool sitting on the fence you see some of each side of Deadpool but not really much of either (in this issue)I liked how you still had the split personality in his head and how he was still a kidder even if its not as much as we see other times. I'm not too sure what I think of the new third personality that replaces the oth...

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Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #1 [SPOILER] 0

I’m somewhat underwhelmed at this first issue. Perhaps I have higher expectations because Deadpool is my favorite out of all the Marvel heroes which gets me all nitpicky. My biggest gripe with this issue is the catalyst that drives Deadpool to kill his fellow Marvelians. That’s the first thing that came to people’s mind when they first caught wind of this series. “What? Deadpool is going to kill not just a couple Marvel characters, but the UNIVERSE? Oh shit! What could ever be the motive!?” With...

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Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe 0

Unlike most Deadpool comics that I have read, which in all honesty isnt many, this comics grotesque nature and overall tone is appealing for anyone who enjoys a good ol' fashion gore fest. My familiarity with the character only stems as far as the current run of comics that he has going, so my ideas on the mythos of the character does run pretty thin. But with that being said, I feel that this is closer to his roots than any other comic starring the Merc. The viciousness of the character really ...

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Whose Left? 0

The original idea for 'Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe' was great. Being a huge Deadpool fan myself it was awesome to finally see him go from crazy to completely psychotic. The only issue that I have with this series was the fact that it was 4 comics long. I mean a month? Come on, really? I love the fact that it was made don't get me wrong, but it could have been played out so much longer. Not only is it pretty unrealistic that Deadpool kills everyone as quickly as he did, but he didn't kill ...

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A mixed bag 0

I prefer deadpool as a funny guy, so when my friend came up to me with a comic titled "deadpool kills the marvel universe" I was all like, " that would be something to see. I asked to him if I could borrow it asd he let . I was greeted by the disturbing deaths of the fantastic 4! Which was quite brutal I might add, we see then find deadpool being taken away by the x men to the mental asylum, and it is run by the psycho man who brings out the dead and evil side of deadpool, now he is determined ...

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