johnkmccubbin91's Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #1 - Part I review

Not What I Thought It Would Be

I was really looking forward too this mini series as I love Deadpool and think he's underrated I also loved Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe. This fells like a typical Deadpool sitting on the fence you see some of each side of Deadpool but not really much of either (in this issue)

I liked how you still had the split personality in his head and how he was still a kidder even if its not as much as we see other times. I'm not too sure what I think of the new third personality that replaces the other two that kinda bumbed me out a bit as like seeing Deadpool contemplating with himself.

I really liked the psychiatric hospital scene it really saved the comic and I liked how they added the Watcher. What I didn't like about this comic was when Sue killed Deadpool without thinking about it a bit out of character despite the situation. There could have also been him breaking the fourth wall which he didn't really do

My final verdict is that this story needs a bit more too it but it's only the first issue so can forgive it and hope it gets better next issue

Rating: 3/5


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