Should Dead Man Wade & Widdle Wade show up in Deadpool Corps?

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Question is simple should the AOA version of Deadpool Dead Man Wade or Widdle Wade surface as members or at least make cameo appearances in Deadpool Corps?
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nope. Widdle Wade is canon for one, and already covered by some character just like Widdle Wade, but 
widdler. plus he's not someone Wade exactly wants to be around, you know? i though Dead Man Wade bought the farm (i cant remember honestly) but his whole deal was that he's the serious version of Deadpool, which the sergeant character already is. im not a fan personally of things being done just to be done, instead of for the reason that they fit the already established plot and should be done.

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No because they are both dead. Widdle wade was killed by deadpool and dead man wade was decapitated by nightcrawler.

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