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Review: Deadpool Corps #9

Deadpool gets into an intergalactic love triangle that puts him at odds with Lady Deadpool and the rest of his loyal corps.

The Good

Yackey really deserves a lot of commendation for his colors in this issue, because they pick up a lot of the slack in detail, shading and general rendering that's missing in the actual lines. He also knows how to simulate cinematic elements like edge lighting and depth of field in ways that actually add to the storytelling experience, rather than intruding on it.

The Bad

Any complaints I have about the art are going to be old news to anybody who's followed Liefeld's art for more than a couple issues. I might have to add some criticism of the lettering, for once, since the font choice and lack of stressed words made most of the balloons feel like it tasks to be completed in reading, rather than implicit parts of the narrative.

The Verdict - 2/5

The previous issue I read of this was enjoyable, almost consciously in the face of the problems I had with the book. However, it was really hard to get into any kind of pathos offered by DP's love triangle or the in-fighting with his Corps when the drawbacks in the presentation are as distracting as they are. This definitely is the weakest out of the four Deadpool books running right now.
Posted by moffattbooks

so it falls in the same risk as other multiple books like Superman or Batman, meh, it'll go up and down like others have in the past
Posted by Pizawle

I've enjoyed it throughout, though it has grown a bit stale at times.

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