lostlantern13's Deadpool Corps #3 review

I'll Get Off At This Stop, Thanks.

Plot & Action: Dogpool gets reunited with the 'Pool Corps who are captured by plain yellow humanoid servants to the Awareness. Some chaos ensues with some brief funny moments. Again, the story's not too complicated or anything. It's been three issues of "fun" with the Champion.

Character Wise: The Deadpools still aren't entirely too different. Lady Deadpool is kind of becoming the voice of reason, but she's a Deadpool so she shouldn't be reasonable. The Champion sacrifices himself for the Deadpools. Yup, the dude they've ditched and embarrassed sacrificed himself for their freedom. The character that is handled the best was the flippin' dog.

The Art Team: It's Rob Liefeld. You know what I'll say. A bunch of big muscular characters, lacking in background and detail, cheesy poses, repeated panels, and clean lines. It doesn't change.

Generally Speaking: I don't know why I'm still buying this book. I think it's about time to drop it. The action is mundane, the humor is rare, the characters are all the same which makes it pointless, and I'm just tired of complaining about the same things. It's obvious that nothing will change. I don't even think hardcore Deadpool fans would enjoy this because it's not as funny as Deadpool should be. I'd recommend skipping this book and get your Deadpool fix elsewhere.    

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Posted by CadeShanley

I am seeing a team of idiots that break the fourth wall!

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