the_lobster_'s Deadpool Corps #2 review

Yike, Gischler, what are you doing?!!!

Okay this is a hard book to review mainly because I have mixed feeling about it.  So I'm going to review it a little differently then how I usually review things.
Let's look at the good and the bad....
The Good
- There are two really good laughs in this issue, I laughed out loud twice in this issue and that is always a good thing. Gischler never fails to make me laugh at least once per book and he doesn't disappoint. It never get's old seeing Deadpool outsmart the Champion. 
- I like Lady Deadpool in this issue, her and Headpool are easily my two favorite members of the Corp (behind the Deadpool we know and love), She's the mother of the Corps but she will also blow your face off and expect you to complement her hair If you make a joke about her. 
The Bad
- I pray to god that Liefeld is only on this series for the first arc and then we are given another artist after that. A new artist per arc, would actually be a nice thing for a series like this. Liefeld is terrible in this, someone already mentioned the random change of the spaceship, but it's worse. One scene has Deadpool and a few other characters passed out in a bar, they are obviously suppose to be knocked out, but they only end up looking brain dead...why?...well because some of the character's eyes are open. Rob, listen, when a character is knocked out (They look like they are sleeping) NOT BRAIN DEAD!!!! 
-Nothing happens in this issue, we're right back to where we started, the only difference is one of the members of the Corps is missing. Champion is back to being stuck on a planet (Which was one of the moments that made me laugh out loud), and the Deadpool Corps are back to trying to fight this brain-eating cloud monster.... Back to square one. 
Nothing happened in this issue, if it wasn't for those two laughs I got out of this book, and a few of Lady Deadpool's moments, I would have given this a one star but I'm going to forgive it for only three things. The two good laughs, Lady Deadpool, and the fact that hopefully this story will start moving along after this issue. I don't want this whole series to be just about Deadpool outsmarting the Champion over and over and over again.

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