abnormally_warm_guy's Deadpool Corps #2 review

OH GOD! Skip this issue!

What the hell is this? They go in a complete circle wit this issue and leave off just as they began. Sure some of the Champion stuff was funny but that was like three panels. Gischler missed the mark with this issue. Nothing changes really. In issue 1 The corps abandons The Champion on a planet with a clever ruse. He then get off and tracks the team down. Now in issue two they abandon him on another planet with another clever ruse... it didn't work before, why do thjey think they've seen the last of him now?
But what was worse than that is Liefield. LIEFIELD... let's talk, you seated? Comfortable? How's the family? Good? Good. Alright I called you in here because I want to bring to your attention that you NEED TO PAY ATTENTION! From panel to panel character's costumes change. And in issue 1 we see "BEA ARTHUR" painted on the side of their ship and there is no DP logo. Now. randomly  the name of the ship is gone and there is this huge logo built into the side. I don't hate your style Liefield, when you DON'T phone it in, your art can be very interesting to look at, but don't get lazy. Pleeeeeeaaaaassssseeee, your art sucks when you get lazy.
To any DP readers out there... skip this book. It's nothing special.

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