lostlantern13's Deadpool Corps #2 review

If You Read Issue #1 Then You've Basically Read Issue #2

Deadpool has gathered alternate-universe Deadpools to save the universe from a giant cloud. Some dude called The Champion wants to save the universe and is bent on defeating the Deadpool Corps. That's essentially it. It's a fairly simple storyline.

- A Deadpool book MUST be able to make the reader laugh. Mission accomplished as I laughed out loud at various points.
- You're going to get the occasional cheesy pose and super-muscular characters from Rob Liefeld, but he'll also give you sharp, clean pencils. The art holds up its end of the bargain.

- This book could be a lot more fun if the differences between the Pools were stressed. I get that they're alternate-universe, but there needs to be differences. Headpool should be more insane, Kid Deadpool should be scrawnier, brattier, and more impulsive, and Lady Deadpool should be more feminine. They should be similar to Deadpool, but they did have different lives. The only one who seems different is the dog.
- Honestly, not a whole lot happened here. If I gave you a summary for the issue it would almost be an exact copy of issue one. It's bad when things don't happen in an issue, but it's worse when it's a recycled gag from the previous issue. All they've done is travel through space and fool the Champion.

Sure, Deadpool has been heavily saturated over the past year or so. However, his books are great when they're done right. Deadpool can be a very funny, satirical character. On paper, the idea of alternate-universe Deadpools is great. That said, this issue isn't great because, some funny moments aside, I have a book of redundant characters basically giving me a rerun of issue one.

Honestly, I'm considering dropping the book because there's really nothing going on. There are no differences amongst the Corps so it has me wondering what the point of having them is, and the simple storyline is already stalling and repeating itself. Personally, I'll give it one more chance to redeem itself, but I would recommend you put your money down on something else because, if pressed, I couldn't give you a good reason to pick this up. 

Posted by Abnormally Warm Guy

When I heard about this book I thought it sounded like a terrible idea. But then I read the preludes and thought they were all (for the most part) really good (... even dogpool's).
But this book is a cluster fuck for the very reason you said, they're all the same character. There isn't enough differences between them.

Posted by lostlantern13
@Abnormally Warm Guy:
Yeah, I just re-read the preludes and wonder where all the character differences went.

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