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If You Read Issue #1 Then You've Basically Read Issue #2 0

Deadpool has gathered alternate-universe Deadpools to save the universe from a giant cloud. Some dude called The Champion wants to save the universe and is bent on defeating the Deadpool Corps. That's essentially it. It's a fairly simple storyline.THE GOOD:- A Deadpool book MUST be able to make the reader laugh. Mission accomplished as I laughed out loud at various points.- You're going to get the occasional cheesy pose and super-muscular characters from Rob Liefeld, but he'll also give you shar...

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OH GOD! Skip this issue! 0

What the hell is this? They go in a complete circle wit this issue and leave off just as they began. Sure some of the Champion stuff was funny but that was like three panels. Gischler missed the mark with this issue. Nothing changes really. In issue 1 The corps abandons The Champion on a planet with a clever ruse. He then get off and tracks the team down. Now in issue two they abandon him on another planet with another clever ruse... it didn't work before, why do thjey think they've seen the las...

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Yike, Gischler, what are you doing?!!! 0

Okay this is a hard book to review mainly because I have mixed feeling about it.  So I'm going to review it a little differently then how I usually review things.  Let's look at the good and the bad....  The Good - There are two really good laughs in this issue, I laughed out loud twice in this issue and that is always a good thing. Gischler never fails to make me laugh at least once per book and he doesn't disappoint. It never get's old seeing Deadpool outsmart the Champion.   - I like Lady Dea...

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