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This Is How You Repay Him, They Protected Your Universe!

Are they gone? Yes they have finally left! The revolution is over and the fate of the Krook people is now in their own hands, but what kind of meal has fate given the Deadpool Corps? A side of disbandment. Yep that's right, the Deadpool Corps stop right here. The Universe has brought together five elite Deadpools together, then fate smacks them in the face and rips awesome abilities as guardians of the multiverse! So enjoy this last issue while you can, because now the Deadpool corps are no more. 

 Is This How Deadpool Will Get Wiped Away From Comic History?
I don't know if I should be glad or mad that the Deadpool Corps are over. They only have twelve issues, but think about how much they will be worth in 40 years or so. Anyway, other than the fact of money, Deadpool and his team of doppelgangers disband once the beings that gave them their powers see them fit to not use the title of "Guardians of the Multiverse." While I don't remember currently who had that title before the Deadpool Corps, I don't see how they or it was as comedic as Deadpool and family. Victor Gischler's writing for the series was short lived, but exciting! He really took a good twist on the Deadpool persona(s) and ran with it. While I have no idea where in the world this fits in with main Deadpool Continuity, it seems that the team that worked on this twelve issue title had fun. Deadpool is an interesting character to create, with Deadpool now talking to himself more than often now, it will be weird to not see how his other persona's don't reply back to him. The artwork by Marat Mychaels is really awesome. I liked how he drew the Deadpool's in their own special way, even though they had the same suit. Rob Liefeld's cover on the corps is totally awesome, but not as comedic as the variant cover of DP corps #12. 
How long until the team really, really disbands. I mean what if in Deadpool's main title we see an appearance of the team? So what concerns me is, is this the real disbandment of the team or not? 
The team is done, completed, whatever. Anyway the greatness of this book has ended and I think it is really fitting. Overall this is a 4 out of 5. See you later Deadpool Fans!
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