deadstroke's Deadpool #900 - 900th commemorative issue! review

Deadstroke's Indepth Review of Deadpool Issue 900.

900!!!! Who knew that Deadpool has finally hit 900 issues....oh wait according to the opening introduction page this issue is actually from the future. How it got here in the present, I couldn't care less because I'm just happy that it is here.  Issue 900 is a commemorative issue that has several short stories all written and drawn by different people. Today I'm going to give every short story an in depth review....let's begin. ...
The first story is called "Close Encounters of the @*#$ed- up Kind" written by Jason Aaron, and drawn by Chris Staggs. The artwork in this particular story is great and I laughed out loud a couple times too. Jason Aaron returns to writing Deadpool like he once was with the boxes and pool-o-vision, however the story seemed too short and easily over with. I was literally shocked how quickly it seemed to fly by...I guess there wasn't enough dialogue to make it seem longer. 
The next story is called "Silent But Deadly" written by Fred Van Lente and drawn by Dalibor Talajic. The premise is insanely clever and it would have easily been one of my favorite stories if it wasn't for the fact that again it seemed to short and over with. I guess when you have no dialogue to read it's obviously going to be over with quickly since your only looking at the great artwork....although if only the writer had more pages to write on, it would have probably been better. 
The third story is "Deadpool: Shrunken Master" written by Mike Benson and drawn by Damion Scott. This is probably my 3rd favorite story and really dives into the mind of Deadpool. The fact that even though he is a killer he will occasionally work for free if it's supporting a good cause is a great thing to write a story about. I never saw that ending coming and when it happened I couldn't help but smile. My only complaint is the artwork, it's too abstract for my taste and I barely could tell what was going on in the story. 
The forth story is "Pinky Swear" written by Joe Kelly and artwork by Rob Liefeld. This is easily my favorite of the stories, the best of the best and why wouldn't it's written by one of my favorite comic book writers Joe Kelly. Even Rob Liefeld's artwork isn't that bad even if some of the character's feet and anatomy is off in some panels. The story has enough dialogue to make it long enough but the extra page also helps out a lot.
The fifth story is "What Happens in Vegas..." written by Duane Swierczynski and drawn by Shawn Crystal. This is my least favorite of the stories mainly because it's boring, I saw the ending a mile away and the Deadpool is barely in it, and when he is, he is mostly playing dead and not cracking any jokes. The artwork is pretty decent, but not the best artwork out of the book. However it's definitely better then Damion Scott's artwork, however unlike Damion Scott....Shawn Crystal's artwork falls back on a bad story instead of a good one. 
The sixth story is called "Great Balls of Thunder on the Deep Blue Sea" written by Victor Gischler and drawn by Sanford Greene. This is my 4th favorite story mainly because of the surprise guest appearance. Deadpool fighting this guy in a ping pong match is an absolutely hilarious idea and overall this story lacks in a developed plot but is instead just a guilty pleasure, It's basically just a humor driven story and it succeeds in that. The boxes also have a hilarious conversation after the yellow box figures out he can be turned off. 
The Final Story is called "One Down" and is written by Charlie Huston and drawn by Kyle Baker. This is my 2nd favorite story behind only Pinky Swear. It taps into Deadpool's sad history and shows that even though he is funny, he is also a very dark character. It was a great length and a fun read. I even liked the surprise ending and it fits Deadpool's personality, he's a guy who doesn't want to be living but can't die. The artwork is meh, most of the backgrounds are just edit photos found on Google but the story easily makes up for the decent artwork. 
We also get a reprint of "Deadpool and Widdle Wade" written by James Felder and drawn by Pete Woods. I honestly couldn't have cared less about this reprint mainly because James was one of the worse Deadpool writers ever. I hate the idea of reprint and consider them a waste of paper and space. All the stories that I thought seemed too short could have replaced all the pages needed to reprint this issue and that way they wouldn't have seemed too short. 
Overall Deadpool #900 is a must have for any Deadpool fan, but be careful for some because it may seem like a bit of an overload after awhile. I just wish that they could have taken out the reprint and just make the short stories longer, but even with that flaw it was still an enjoyable read and it was fun comparing all of the different writers to see who can and can not write a good Deadpool story. I'm glad a bough this because it is easily worth the extra money.

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