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Deadpool 8

After the death of Agent Preston in the undead President story arc, she has yet to coupe with the inner workings of Deadpool's mind. Plus, Deadpool and company look for a way to get Preston a new body while making sure that Michael doesn't get killed by Vetis.

The Good

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With the death of Preston in the undead President story arc, I am glad to see that writers Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan waste no time to find a way to fix her and Deadpool's current problem. While we know that Deadpool will reign triumphant and Preston will get a body soon enough, it is the journey that the writers takes us on until we get to that goal that makes DEADPOOL an exciting title.

This being one of the less action packed issues of the series, Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan worked a bit harder, than usual, on Deadpool's humor due to the fact that Agent Preston is inside his head. Also, seeing Vetis (character from the last issue) appear in issue 8 really adds to the story and a "what will happen next" type situation.

This issue was okay on normal Deadpool comic book standards, however what kept me interested in the series is the ending of this issue. It involved Deadpool getting some of his blood and organs kidnapped for some nefarious reason. Finding out who is behind this attack will keep me on the edge of my seat long enough to see how this will all end for our, "friendly neighborhood Deadpool-Man."

The artwork by Mike Hawthorne is good. While I am missing the artwork by Tony Moore already, Mike Hawthorne does a decent job at living up to people's expectations in terms of Deadpool artwork. The colors by Val Staples really fit well with Hawthorne's art style as it makes the characters look cartoony, almost, which is okay in a Deadpool title.

The Bad

I feel like this is one of the weaker issues of the series. With such a good start, it would be only a matter of time before the series started to slow down a bit. While there was enough references to pop culture (i.e. Yelp reviews) it seemed to carry on scenes and dialogue that could all be finished on a single page. That is until it reached near the end of the comic book. I feel like Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan are just slowing things down a bit to acquaint new readers, but prepare for eventual events to come.

The Verdict

Things have slowed down a bit for DEADPOOL and company, however with the ending of this issue it'll only make many return for mo' Deadpool action. The story and art were decent as it allowed Deadpool's more childish nature to show more than usual, and the banter back-and-forth with DP and Agent Preston is funny enough where race jokes are tolerable. Overall this is a great time for readers to jump on with Deadpool and see what else is in store for the Merc with a Mouth, 3 out of 5.

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