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The Devil Went Down to Jersey

Tony Moore was an absolutely perfect artist for this series, or at least especially for the first arc chock full of zombies. But I have to say, Mike Hawthorne's artwork is a damn good follow up. It doesn't have the same kind of grotesque details, but there's a good wider appeal tone that I think works better for this arc, and could be good for the series continuing beyond this point.

As it turns out, last issue's side adventure into the 80's wasn't as self-contained as it seemed. In addition to the truly epic level of comedy, the main story was a setup for this arc, because Vetis has returned, freed from hell due to the events of Dead Presidents. As it turns out, Michael's necromancy abilities came from making a deal with Vetis, and the chaos caused as a result granted him parole. So now he's free, and his 'satisfaction guaranteed' clause was not met in his deal with Deadpool. And with Michael now being Deadpool's friend, Vetis has leverage to get Deadpool to do his bidding once again.

My only concern here is that this arc is now set up for a similar pacing to the previous arc, with a different main target along a list each issue, though this story only has 4 targets, and there's seemingly much more variety in them. Plus we know things are going to have to go down differently towards the end.

This issue reminds me a lot of the last of Dead Presidents, reducing the overwhelming jokes from the first few issues and trimming away the bad jokes. Posehn and Duggan have achieved a perfect balance between comedy and storytelling. This issue has some amazing depth to it, as Deadpool adjusts to the new inhabitant of his mind, as well as some good developments from a general story perspective. This arc is much more personal to Deadpool, even if he has to put his quest for money and vengeance on hold. This issue also has a surprising final scene that sets up another mystery, one likely setting up a story further down the line. And yet, with all this going on, it never feels like too much. I really have to admire how well balanced it all is, where the arc isn't just a self-contained story, and future arcs are getting slowly built up at the same time. It creates a greater sense of scale, and keeps you prepared to be on board with this series for a long time.

This issue's target is amazing. He's an invulnerable Jersey Shore incarnate. Ok, so when I say amazing, I mean in terms of story not the character himself. The character himself is a douche. But he's supposed to be. He's what everyone hates, and we get to see Deadpool seriously abuse the ever-loving hell out of him. Such satisfying karma. It was interesting to see Daredevil find ways to hurt the invulnerable man, even if it didn't damage him, but then there was a point where he hurt him. I was just as confused as he was. Deadpool had to use a brilliant loophole to kill him, so obviously Vetis didn't just negate his abilities. So how did Deadpool make him bleed?

In Conclusion: 4.5/5

The damage Corrado Coloruno took was a small scene, but a fairly glaring hole in the story. But that's just about the only thing wrong with this issue. Hawthorne is a damn fine replacement for Tony Moore, and the story has taken off in a much more serious direction without losing the comedy. Deadpool has really hit it's stride.


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