themaskedhero's Deadpool #8 - All Your Base Are Belong to Us review

Deadpool Vs. Osborn's Avenger's Tower.

I'm a big Deadpool fan, reading my reviews would kind of make that obvious, and this baby got 3 1/2 stars because it was good Deadpool. Sadly, as I suspected, it's really not the beat down that we should hopefully expect out of the next 3 issue of the crossover. We basically get given a set up issue that does the Bendis-brand set up, but better. Deadpool fights all kind of Osborn tech to try to get to the top floor where he believes Norman is, while fighting with his yellow thought boxes.

The jokes are pretty good, best summed up by how 'Pool gets into the building in the first place and when he magically pulls out a grappling hook that he explains will be explained next issue. Oh, and Deadpool has a fantasy moment while climbing up the 90 story building of Norman as the giant from Jack and the Beanstock, not too shabby.
But I go back to the first point I made, there is a lack of actual fighting I half-hoped for. But unlike anything Bendis writes for event, I know where the heck this is all going. Too bad LOST can't do that.

P.S. Maybe I'll do a video review, sounds fun.
P.S.S. I love LOST and all it's mind altering glory. But Good Lord if I'm not confused when the episode ends.

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