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There is honestly very little that needs to be said about this issue from a critical standpoint. I can dig deep into details all day, but that would kind of defeat the core trait that makes this issue fantastic.


Yes, I had concerns in the first few issues over the lack of depth and praised the previous issue for setting up a lot more of that depth, but this issue so fully embraces comedy and entertainment that it defies all other intentions. The comedy on this issue is on a whole other level over the previous six issues. It's chock full of clever continuity nods, utter absurdity, and an amazing reconstruction of comics from a bygone era. The artwork is so amazingly and excessively old school without falling into the same usual pitfalls; I'm just blown away. It even has a mock superhero PSA for god's sake! AND there's time to take a quick shot at Rob Liefeld!

In Conclusion: 5/5

For a standalone side story like this, a 100% dedication to comedy is perfectly acceptable, and verily encouraged, because this is amazing. I literally have nothing to say other than stretching out "THIS ISSUE WAS SO MUCH FUN" into a paragraph.


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    Ironz Pool! 0

    i was reluctant to review this, mostly because it was just so bizarre, but after reading this i feel that i should give my opinion. when this series was announced i was hoping for something a bit more serious, but i am glad that that is not the case!first of all, the story is CRAZY as hell, but thats the thing, almost nothing makes sense, it's as if we are getting a look at things from deadpools perspective, it's simply fun comics, and thats exactly what i like about this. and above all that, it...

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