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Ironz Pool!

i was reluctant to review this, mostly because it was just so bizarre, but after reading this i feel that i should give my opinion. when this series was announced i was hoping for something a bit more serious, but i am glad that that is not the case!

first of all, the story is CRAZY as hell, but thats the thing, almost nothing makes sense, it's as if we are getting a look at things from deadpools perspective, it's simply fun comics, and thats exactly what i like about this. and above all that, it is funny as hell. THIS is what a deadpool book should be about, i seriously love this, only because it makes no sense. in some way it is similar to robot chicken or South park, because it is bloody as hell, funny and the stories are absolutely insane.

however, there is some plot to this, and the fact that it is expressed in the most idiotic way possible, it makes it even more awesome. Deadpool wants to be a hero, he sees himself as the worst of the worst, which makes him take on any risk given to him, at first glance it may seems stupid but the idea that deadpool is actually evolving as a character under such crazy circumstances makes it even more impressive. Especially loved the development between tony and Wade here, it was amazing.

As for the art, i understand that this is a time travel shtick , which means that art has to be a bit old school but i just didn't understand why it had to have bad coloring like this, the style could have been old but there was no need to reduce the quality of the coloring. Nevertheless, the art was amazing and it increased the insanity, which is of course, for a deadpool book, awesome!

In, short, if you want a interesting fun book, this is definitely for you.

Recommendation: Deadpool seals tony's suit, your argument is invalid.

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