super_man_23's Deadpool #6 - National Maul review

Deadpool 6

It all ends here! Deadpool vs. undead George Washington.

The Good

This Guy!

This has been an incredibly fun first story arc for DEADPOOL'S new title. These last six issues have proven that Writers Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan work well with one another and know how to get the comedic side of Deadpool and the senseless violence that follows him, to mix. Multiple times throughout this series, and even in this issue, I've grinned and thought, "only Deadpool could say that..." or "only in a Deadpool comic will there be that level of violence." Posehn and Duggan know how to make Deadpool funny and violent without having him be a part of a larger universe, and in a larger story arc (i.e. Age of Ultron).

From beginning to end, Deadpool goes through non-stop action until he kills President Washington. The remarks made about pop culture is enjoyable as well (i.e. Gangnam Style).

Artwork by Tony Moore and the colors by Val Staples keep this series on the level with many of Marvel's best-selling comic books. They make Deadpool look better, now, than he has ever looked before with the amount of detail that his given to his face and make this comic bloody and fun to look at for the more mature readers.

The Bad

One of the problems with this issue is the guest star appearance of the Avengers. They only arrived after Deadpool had saved America from the tyranny of undead George Washington. Writers Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan seemed to just add them because it would've made the meet with Deadpool even more funnier, but it didn't. If added earlier in the story arc, it would've made more sense, but in the end it just seems like the writers ran out of ideas.

The Verdict

Deadpool is not for everyone. Deadpool should be enjoyed by some because he's a character that really can't be taken literally in a big story arc like Age of Ultron, or anything similar to that, however he does work perfectly alone. The creative minds behind this Deadpool series have shown me that Deadpool is better off on his own because if he was teaming up left-and-right with every hero, it'd take away from his character and who he really is. This is great if you want a change in the usual superhero theme of Marvel. 4 out of 5.

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