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Deadpool is enjoying himself for the first time in a long while, he learned that Siryn may consider dating him, if he remains on the right path and she finds the proper time for it (the moment isn't good because she's sort of leading X-force with Cable doing his own thing so much). After a basketball game with Blind Al, Wade returns to his old hang out, the Hellhouse. There, C.F. Patch is upset with Wade because he didn’t hear from him in bit. Patch thought Wade might be dead because it's "mer hunting season". Wade gives him some chocolates to make it up to him (Patch is a chocoholic). Wade takes a new mission, a woman named Mary Walker needs to be broken out of a mental correctional facility. They get in by pretending that Weasel is mentally ill, it works and they manage to get inside. They even make it to Mary’s room, where Wade gets attacked by the Vamp!  They battle and Deadpool tries to kill her by throwing a grenade but it doesn't harm her. Instead, Vamp disappears, and transforms into her male half of Animus. They continue battling, and Animus is killed by Weasel by means of vechilular manslaughter. Wade, Weasel and Mary escape. Later, Wade drops Mary of at a hotel. She has changed throughout the days events however, and is more confident than when Wade first met her. Apparently, she has split personalites. She asks Wade to wait while she goes to change her clothes. After doing that, Mary pronounces that the good, weak Mary is gone, there is only… Typhoid Mary!

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