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Remember when Deadpool saved the Earth from those pesky Skrulls? Well, the guy who stole the intel Deadpool worked so hard to acquire -- and positioned himself as Earth’s Number One War Hero -- wants to make sure you don’t. The last thing this guy needs is a certain “Merc with a Mouth” letting everyone know the truth of how he saved the day, and he’s hired a certain maniacal man-eater to make sure Deadpool never does. Here comes Tiger-Shark! Plus, a surprise appearance by a certain palindromic pal!

Plot Summary

It starts with Deadpool on shore with a kid poking his eye out. Deadpool then woke up in a hospital and he was about to leave (because of his healing factor). A hot nurse told him to stay but Deadpool said no and left to find Tigershark outside the door. Deadpool then went back inside but then a voice in his head said don't fight Tigershark in the hospital because it will cause destruction but another voice said fighting Tigershark will make him popular and the nurse will fall for him. So Deadpool Fought Tigershark and Deadpool got the upper edge but the cops shot him down. Deadpool then woke up in a body bag near the docks with Tigershark holding a axe. But then Bob agent of Hydra came holding a rifle and told Tigershark to back away from his friend. Deadpool kicked Tigershark into the water and told Bob to throw him the Rifle. Bob threw it but it landed in the water. Tigershark then grabbed Bob and was drowning him. It ended with Deadpool goin after rifle instead of Bob.

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 In this issue Deadpool is batteling Tiger Shark in order to save a hospital staff. Especially a nurse Deadpool has interest in, and who he mistakenly thinks is interested in him. I admit, I like the series, Yet when compared to other issues in the series, This one just falls flat.   The humor feels forced, and Tiger Shark just looks rediculous. Not that I did not njoy the issue. It does have some merits, and ends up being entertaining. I just prefer the first five books over this one....

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