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Deadpool #55 (Marvel)

So deviating from the good the bad and the funny, I have decided that to stick to a regular format this week.

This is the first issue of Wade going on an adventure COMPLETELY MORTAL!! (physically anyway...)

Yea that is strange DP fans. Good ol’ Wade is now healing-factor-less. And now his usual shenanigans CAN kill him. Logically enough, this is called Deadpool:Reborn, and you see him adjusting to a certain level of normalcy. Which is weird for Wade. Who even with his old decent face back, would still rather wear the mask, can’t shave, and can’t heal from shaving cuts.

On the other side of town M.O.D.O.K along with a whole bunch of baddies, including the Wizard, Trapster, Red Ghost etc. is making a plan for world domination. (Possibly the stupidest yet smartest plan I’ve heard in a while)

DP bursts in to save the world, by blowing up the meeting area, which just happens to be a submarine.

The issue is full of some thinking for the illogical Deadpool fan. Some good art, which you will notice has changed from the last issue. A noticeable difference in DP’s thought process. It’s somewhat smarter.

Lots of laughs, face cuts, 2nd rate super-villains and little yellow boxes.

A must read for every Deadpool fan, because we must know where this goes. What will happen to Wade? Will he continue to be a reckless maniac? Will he get his healing factor back? Why does he look normal? Can’t wait for the next issue.

SCORE : 8 / 10

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