super_man_23's Deadpool #50 - Dead, Part One review

Deadpool is actually going to be "Dead"

Deadpool is going to die, for real this time. However, when you think of "death" in comics it seems to be something that makes people 'sigh' with great disbelief, but Daniel Way makes this story of Deadpool's death story more believable than most might guess. How will Deadpool die, and what consequences will his death unfold in later events?

The Good

Their have been multiple Deadpool comics over the years that have ceased to exist after a certain amount of issues and years. While this is the only Deadpool title that the Merc With A Mouth currently has, it looks like Daniel Way is thinking of closing the curtains on everyone's favorite anti-hero. As Daniel Way has worked on more Deadpool issues than possibly anyone on the character, he is giving Deadpool a real red carpet event to the very end.

While some may think that Deadpool, or anyone with healing factor die, you ask how could this be? Daniel makes things really believable as well as connecting it to events that occurred in the past Deadpool issues. If you haven't been reading this title then you've missed out on quite a lot. Daniel Way has really done an incredible job with the character and I think (personally) that he is one of the best writers on the the series, as he really seems to get into the mind of Deadpool and make him serious as well as comedic as most people know him to be.

Deadpool may not have some great origin story or have some sort of problematic trauma that made him who he is, he's just that unorthodox character that talks to himself a lot and has a crazy sense of humor. That is the way Daniel Way sees him as well as most comic book fans. As the story is setup to be lead further and further to Deadpool's actual death, we have no idea of what Daniel may or may not do, as he is in full control of the character and from my opinion knows exactly what he is doing. The artwork by Carlo Barberi is simply amazing, he is one of my favorite artist on the series and has done a lot of work with Daniel Way and they both have a sense of how to make Deadpool look as great as he sounds.

The Bad

The fact that Deadpool actually wants to die, takes away much of how great of a character he is.

The Verdict

This is a great issue and should be picked up if looking for something to pass time or just because Deadpool is a cool character and you want to see his death through, 4 out of 5.

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