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Dr. Killebrew mentions to Deadpool that the healing process is going fine, and that he will recover with just a little more time. Deadpool is glad to hear that, but instead of thanking the doctor, he moves over to his plan to… kill Killebrew! Meanwhile, down at the Hellhouse, when Weasel mentions Deadpool’s name, T-Ray gets upset. Since he dislikes Deadpool, not to say hate, he is planning an attack on the merc-with-a-mouth, and tells anyone with a brain to move over to his side and not to put up with Wade anymore. When Patch enters, T-Ray stops his speech. Patch has a new assignment, which involves killing some people, and T-Ray accepts it. After an argument with her, Siryn manages to calm Deadpool down, and just to accept Killebrew’s gift. She promises that whatever personal issues Wade has, he doesn’t have to face them alone anymore and can always count on her help whenever needed. Deadpool and Siryn leave, but Deadpool warns Killebrew to look up his other victims, and help them the way he helped him. Siryn and Wade return to the Xavier Institute, where they go to sit on the roof. Wade talks about his feelings for Siryn but, since she is too busy with being leader of X-Force, she doesn’t have the proper time for a relationship. But, she promises Wade that, when she gets her head back together and if Wade stays on the path she thinks he is on right now, it might happen in the future. That’s good enough for Wade, and they move closer together, and watch the snow falling down. At the same time, T-Ray finishes his job. He goes to sit in a circle he made, where he honors his victims deaths. He takes a look at his back, which has a big “X” insignia on it, marked through the names of his victims. Deadpool is there as well, but the name is untouched so far. T-Ray promises himself that it will stay that way for at least a little while, but not forever.

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