super_man_23's Deadpool #5 - Star Wars: Revenge of the Gipper review

Deadpool 5

President Reagan decides that the only way to destroy America is using a Soviet space command center full of nuclear missiles. Deadpool takes a trip up to space and has to stop Reagan before it is too late!


The Good

This DEADPOOL title is worth picking up when coming to terms of what comics to buy from the Marvel NOW! concept. Writers Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan know how to make Deadpool an enjoyable character while keeping the reader sucked into the story. Sure we ALL know that Deadpool is going to reign triumphant at the end of the story arc, but Posehn and Duggan's journey to getting to that outcome is one of the reasons that makes this title such a success. An example is with the first few panels of the comic book:

Little pieces of humor like this go a long way in this comic book as Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan have this kind of humor throughout most of each issue. The two writers found a way to get the humor and story to blend with one another instead of the humor coming at the most inappropriate time and the reader thinking: "Uh, another movie/comic book/history reference..." Or something of that nature. NO! Each piece of humor that is found in this comic is unique and pulled off masterfully to help keep the reader alive and interested in the story.

Speaking of the story. Deadpool vs. President Reagan in space was an interesting turn of events. Writers Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan continue to delve into the Undead-President's insane plot to destroy America and Deadpool's mission at stopping them. From start-to-finish, the pace of the story is perfect. The writers do not delay at putting Deadpool into space and continue to make it an incredible journey to enjoy watching Deadpool slice through monkeys and President's stomachs. The creative team behind this series really know how to keep things interesting especially with President Washington stealing Deadpool's magical sword, Deadpool getting his neck sliced, and his boss getting her neck snapped.

The artwork by Tony Moore and the colors by Val Staples keep every bullet shot and every neck sliced one to remember. The two work perfectly with one another and they really capture Deadpool perfectly while envisioning everything that writers Brian Posehn and Gerry Guggan want to convey.

The Bad

No Complaints.

The Verdict

Pick this series up! What else could you possibly be reading in the Marvel NOW! that is better than Deadpool? Do yourself a favor and check it out. It's worth a look right?

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