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 This has got to be one the worst Daniel Way Deadpool issues I have ever read.

I will give credit, the idea is pretty original. Deadpool's friends teaming up to take him down after all the years of torture they suffered at his hands is a pretty original idea. Too bad Daniel Way totally screw it up by writing an entire issue that makes zero sense.

Here's the main problem with Daniel Way, he ignores all continuity and thinks he can just start anew and ignore everything that came before. He only mentions something that came before if it serves a purpose to his story, he doesn't care if he writes something that contradicts everything that came long as he can write his little story.

Let's take a look at the members of the Anti-Deadpool squad. Macho Gomez, Taskmaster, Sluggo, Weasel, Blind Al, and Big Bertha. Here's the problem, we have no idea why some of these members want revenge against Deadpool. We're just supposed to make up our own reasons. Macho Gomez obviously wants revenge after what happened in issue 32, Weasel wants revenge for what happened in Las Vegas, Sluggo has always hated Deadpool so I guess that kind of makes sense. However WHAT REASON DOES BLIND AL AND BIG BERTHA HAVE ON THIS TEAM!!!!

Big Bertha has no beef with Deadpool whatsoever besides maybe a few fat jokes....heck she even went on a date with Deadpool at one point. He's been an annoyance sure, but he's never screwed her over or ruined her life. Blind Al's appearance on this team is the biggest kick in the nuts. That's right, Blind Al....the mother figure of Deadpool's life....the only person who has ever stood up to Deadpool...the person who defended him through all the hard times he went through.....IS FIRING AT HIM WITH A MACHINE GUN!!!! Look at the picture to the right, does that look like someone who would want to fire at Deadpool with a machine gun

As far as I'm concerned, the entire history of Blind Al and Deadpool has been ruined in only a few panels. Daniel Way has reached a new low with this act.

Now even though this issue ruined the entire relationship between Deadpool and Blind Al (My favorite Deadpool sidekick), I will give credit on two things. First of all the artwork is great, I really like Sheldon Vella's style. It's absolutely perfect for Deadpool. I just wish he was drawing art for a better written book. I don't know if I like him as much as Bong Dazo, but he is easily in my top 5 Deadpool artists of all time.

The next thing I have to give credit to, is that it seems Daniel Way is trying to write Deadpool right this time. He does talk more now, making jokes while fighting. He does seem to have fighting abilities now and he is mixing that with some character driving stories. Although for every step forward Daniel Way takes, he takes one step back. Deadpool is written better in this book, but his side characters aren't (as already mentioned).

Also the ending makes no sense. They fire at Deadpool with everything they got. Deadpool meets Death but is brought back to life, Deadpool wakes up to see everyone is gone, Bob tells him that all his friends are gone because they "figured he were as dead as he was ever going to get".....WHAT?!!!! Did they all of a sudden forget he had a healing factor? Now maybe if they dropped a nuclear bomb on him, I'd believe they thought he was as dead as he was ever going to get.

Overall I'm glad Daniel Way is writing a character driven story, but he had to do it at the expense of ruining the relationship between Deadpool and one of my favorite Deadpool sidekicks. I came back to read this book after reading the solicitations for the Deadpool Hulk arc because I thought a character driven story was a huge step in the right direction for Daniel Way. But this issue was depressing. The Hulk arc better knock my socks off because if it doesn't then I'm going to be ticked off. If Daniel Way wants me to keep buying his book, he better earn it.

I gave this issue 1 and a half stars for the art alone.

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Posted by MatKrenz

Good thing im not reading this series anymore.the only Deadpool related thing im looking forward to is his Fear Itself tie-in written by Christopher Hasting.
Posted by Antiks

1) Horrible premise. 
2) Way continues to make deadpool look weaker and weaker. The only legitimate threat in this group is taskmaster and Deadpool has gotten pretty good at defeating him over the years. There was really no reason for Deadpool to get beat by this group save for a gag. I really hate Ways writing of this character sometimes. Ocassionally he makes the character fit his reputation but more times than not he makes Deadpool look incredibly weak and stupid. They could have had him mop the floor with everyone save Bob and or Blind Al and then stops because of his perceived friendhip and let them shoot him in the end in a meaningful way to reach the same conclusion. At the same time killing off macho, bertha and sluggo in some decent action panels that show off the deadliness and cleverness that the character can have. Instead deadpool is taken down by an old lady, a nerd, a d-list and b-list character,

Posted by Kairan1979

I agree. Big Bertha and Blind Al make no sense in Anti-Deadpool squad.

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