matkrenz's Deadpool #32 - Badass review

So everything from issue 13 is pointless.

Problably my last Deadpool review for a while. 
The Story: Deadpool was framed for murder of a guy working at a huge weapons company and meets the biggest alien bounty hunter in the universe (no not Lobo but youd be close) Macho Gomez,since that comoany was using alien weapons to produce theyr weaponary.But Deadpool finds out that the companys boss is alive and used an old tape of Deadpool delivering him the weapons from 2 years ago.SO DP defeats Macho and decides to become a merc again and goes to space. 
The Good: I liked Vella's art,it's very dirty and I like it.Also Deadpool's fight wich Macho is pretty intense and shows how smart DP can be. 
The Bad: WHAT THE F#CK WAS THE POINT OF HIM TRYING TO BE A HERO? Ever since him being a pirate he wants to become a hero,thats fine that would make sense and he was meeting the X-Men and Spidey and got inspiration to become that but here Way just throw's that out the window and makes him a merc again but IN SPACE.I feel like I wasted my money on all these issue's,yeah this series is fun but I wanted more substance and some deconstruction of Deadpool's crazyness and stuff but apparently were not doing that anymore so I seriously don't see why I should keep reading until I see a new writer.Also it's Macho Gomez is just stupid. 
The Verdict: Art is good but story wise it's pointless and just stupid.Don't buy it.


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    Story  Good:Classic Deadpool, perfect amount of inner craziness, starting to get Deadpool back to his ol' Merc ways, sick arm trick, I am   &%$# !!  All great.  Seriously not many complaints for a one-shot, as pointed out.  Other great moments; Macho gettin the drop on Deadpool, Deadpools remark about being human and alien pineapple grenades.Bad:  Not much to complain about here.  This Macho Gomez not the greatest but does the job for the issue I guess.  Add him along with Hit-Monkey ...

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    Wow. Just wow. Haven't seen Deadpool that badass for what seems an eternity.   General plotline: Deadpool is framed for a hideous crime he did not commit (he thinks so) and a macho alien merc turns up and gets owned in a matter of seconds. Who framed Deadpool and why? What's this alien dude got to do with it all?   UPS: Badass Deadpool? Check. Aliens? Check. Explosions? Check. Quirky humor only Deadpool's three persnonas can produce? Check. Excellent graphic style? Check. What else do ya want?...

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