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Deadpool Style!

Wow. Just wow. Haven't seen Deadpool that badass for what seems an eternity. 
 General plotline: Deadpool is framed for a hideous crime he did not commit (he thinks so) and a macho alien merc turns up and gets owned in a matter of seconds. Who framed Deadpool and why? What's this alien dude got to do with it all?  
UPS: Badass Deadpool? Check. Aliens? Check. Explosions? Check. Quirky humor only Deadpool's three persnonas can produce? Check. Excellent graphic style? Check. What else do ya want? Seems like the only thing Daniel Way left home are the Homicidal Ninja Elephants. 
DOWNS: Nothing, except maybe the lameness of the macho alien but that's a minor.
VERDICT: Deadpool's back to the merc game and he rocks. Very well written and very well pencilled. Love the humor. Very different from what Deadpool has been showing us lately and definitely darker than usual. Really, one of the best issues in this series. Hope Daniel Way keeps it up, cause boy if he does, I think i'm going to fall in love again with one of the funniest heroes in Marvel U. 5 stars all the way.


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