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Deadpool is captured by the Executive Elite and they go through some old memories. Meanwhile, Copycat has found a trail that leads to Tolliver's will, but she isn't the only one. Deadpool and Weasel beat the Executive Elite and begin their bid for Tolliver's will.


It all starts with Deadpool in a side street. He comes upon Makeshift and Rive. They are there to capture Deadpool. They have Deadpool stuck to the wall, which he doesn’t like. Makeshift shot a weapon at Deadpool’s neck to send voltage through his body. Makeshift and Rive captured Deadpool. Now they had to wait for Comcast to arrive. Makeshift is very impatient. They take Deadpool to “The Edsel”.

The Executive Elite introduce themselves formally to Deadpool. This was mostly for Commcast, since they haven’t met yet. Commcast put a mechanical collar around Deadpool’s neck. Deadpool thought it was for torture.

The comic flashes back to 3 days ago. We see Copycat in Washington DC. She went to see Jacob Gavin Jr. to see if she could get information about Tolliver’s will.

We then come to a flashback from Deadpool. We see him with Vanessa Carlysle, Copycat. He is saying goodbye to her and walked away. Deadpool gets mad because they are in his head.

Commcast thinks Deadpool is furious about the pain from the machine. We see another flashback with Garrison Kane. Deadpool talks about his chemo also.

Deadpool is trying to get out of them giving him to midgets, so Deadpool offered double. Commcast shows the disc that he has. Deadpool then takes his mask off and reveals his messed up face. The Executive Elite team is shocked by the look of his face. At that point Weasel busts in and Deadpool gets loose.

Back to Copycat. She is in Switzerland now trying to get access to Tolliver’s will. She gets mad at the man there because she finds out that someone else has accessed the information before she did.

Deadpool takes out Makeshift and Rive, Weasel takes out Commcast. They now have both discs so they can find out where Tolliver’s will is located. When they get the information pulled up they see where it is and that there might be something there protecting it called “Unit 0”

Copycat gets to the site where Tolliver’s will is supposed to be hidden and is captured by Slayback. They will now wait together for Deadpool so he can kill him.

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This was a great comic.   Deadpool was his same great self.   The only part I didn’t like about this comic was how easily they captured Deadpool.   Makeshift and Rive didn’t seem capable of capturing Deadpool with such ease.   I did like the conflict between Commcast and Makeshift, it made the capturing a little more tolerable.   It was pretty cool how they had a machine to dig into Deadpool’s past.   When they had Weasel come to the rescue I had to laugh.   Weasel and Deadpool are hilarious to...

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