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Deadpool tries to make some quick cash by placing bets on how fast he can regenerate a finger he cuts off. After losing the bet, he gets concerned, because… his finger doesn't grow back! Later, he gets a package from Black Tom Cassidy, and inside it lays an old glove of Wade’s! He lost it when his hand was cut off. Deadpool is presuaded by Blind Al to visit Siryn at the Xavier Institute, where he pretends to be a pizza boy and delivers her the hand. She understands this is some sort of message from her Uncle, however, she doesn't know where he is right now and, fearing her Uncle might be in danger if she doesn’t help Wade out, she agrees to help him. A trace leads them to the mountains of the Swiss Alps, where they are welcomed by none other than Dr. Killebrew. Killibrew reveals that the glove was just a way to lure Deadpool to him, and he doesn’t even know Tom. Killebrew also tells them that he wants to make up for his terrible deeds, such as what he did to Wade back at the Weapon X Workshop. Killebrew mentions that he wants to talk about Wade’s healing factor, and how it has stopped working right and so will Deadpool if he doesn't do something about it.

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